Dollar 12 inch and quarter 45 searchin’ with @andy_plantss. Discussed life aspirations and goals while voyaging NYC today. Build with your friends. (at Generation Records)
Beatlamper brotha @dshitty just released his latest work ya’ll. •(real)izm • peep the steeze —>
Bron aka Ninety-Nine. @scrublife
Spring time shine. LES.
And it goes on…

Creestal of CM JONES releases the first visual off his upcoming album!

D I F F E R E N C E .

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Creestal of CM JONES delivers the first visual from his new project “Difference”, taking you on a complete audio-trip. The full length instrumental album will be available to the world on May 30th. (HD for best viewing)
Awakened by the s u n .
p r e p a r e .