Sunday Reds. | @barronbazemore (at Montclair, NJ)
My first born with steeze to the 100th power. Mia Sanai.
Tea on a Tuesday with the lady. She just joined the Instagram world as well so, send her your l-o-v-e here @chariimani. #lightbrightloves
Brotha @moruf88, brotha @wish4wellz & myself at Mocada’s “Soul of BK Festival” this past Sunday. • shine on •
The crew.
Shouts to everyone who came out to Military Park for the Guard Avant event to see @andy_plantss, myself, + The @opencrates collective. All love. Peace to the bro @thejoshcraig for the photo. • #Newark •
Holding my debut vinyl pressing for the first time. My brother @thesmoothcreeminal had a bunch sent over straight from Marseille. The CM JONES crew • #cmjones
The home.
Munchie Records dot com.